Jonathan Schwan

Nickname: Jono

Age: 19

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO 


Jonathan Schwan is one of skateboarding’s most versatile professionals and an admired ambassador of the sport.   Jono’s success in competition coupled with the work of his charitable foundation has made him well known throughout the skateboarding communities around the world.

Jono’s competition success began at a very young age.   After winning the amateur Free Flow Tour Championship, at the age of 14 Jono debuted as a professional in the Dew Tour’s 2011 Las Vegas Vert Finals competition.  Since then, Jono has competed in skateboarding’s biggest events including the X-Games, Dew Tour, World Extreme Games and the Skateboarding World Championships.  Even though very young, Jono has consistently landed on top of podiums across the world in a variety of disciplines including Vert, Bowl, Park and Mega. 

Jono is passionate athlete who is pushing the limits of skateboarding every day.  In 2013 at just 16 years, he became the 10th person in the history of skateboarding to land the elusive 900, and then only months later became the second person to accomplish a 1080 on the megaramp; which coincidently was the same year he graduated high school.  

If you ask Jono what skateboarding is about, he’ll say “progression”, and that’s how he lives his life, pushing the limits striving to do something new everyday.  He’ll tell you a good day is learning a new trick and a great day is doing something that’s never been done before.

2015 is already a great year for Jono, he won the Australian Open’s Manly Bowl competition, then made the podium in both Vert and Mega2.0 at the Kia World Extreme Games in Shanghai where he landed a new, never been done before trick over the gap that one of the judges dubbed the “sausage roll.”  Next up is the X-Games where he’ll be skating both Vert and Mega.  After Austin he’ll be hosting his foundation’s annual PRO/AM event, the Rocky Mountain Rampage, in Colorado Springs and then doing some demos and working on video parts before continuing on with the pro-circuit.

Between Jono’s competition success and his foundation’s work, it is no wonder that Jono has become a multi-faceted role model not just to skaters, but to any one with the drive to succeed and grow.




  • Action Sports St. Pete's Extreme Sport Championship (Vert 2nd)
  • Red Bull Skate Generations (Bowl/Park)
  • Rocky Man  (Bowl 2nd)
  • Rocky Mountain Rampage (Vert 2nd)
  • Kimberley Diamond Cup (Vert 5th)
  • X-Games (Mega 5th,  Vert 8th)
  • Kia World Extreme Games (Vert 2nd , Mega 3rd )
  • Manly Beach Bowl (1st)
  • Bondi Bowl-a-rama  (Bowl)


  • Rio Rocky Man (Team USA 1st)
  • KDC Skate World Championships
  • -1st Mega
  • -6th Vert
  • Skate For The Cure (1st)
  • Kia World Extreme Games
  • -3rd Mini Mega
  • -4th Vert
  • Bondi Bowl-A-Rama (11th)
  • Nike SB Classic
  • -3rd Best Trick
  • -3rd Highest Air
  • -9th Bowl
  • Tony Hawk and Friends Melbourne F1 Demo


  • Kimberley Diamond Cup World Skateboarding Grand Prix
  • BigAir 1st
  • Big Air Best Trick 2nd
  • Vert 3rd
  • Overall 2nd
  • X-Games Vert
  • X-Games Big Air
  • Rio Vert Jam (5th)
  • Rocky Mountain Rampage(1st Vert, 2nd Bowl)
  • Tim Branch Bowl (6th)



  • Rocky Mountain Rampage (1st Vert)
  • X-Games Big Air(13th)
  • X-Games Vert(12th)
  • WCS Rome Vert(3rd)
  • WCS Rome Bowl (9th)



  • Vegas Dew Tour Finals - my debut as a PRO(8th)

  • Free Flow Finals(1st)
  • State Games of America (2nd - bowl, 2nd - vert)



  • X-Games AM Vert (3rd)
  • Maloof AM Vert (2nd)
  • Gatorade Free Flow (2nd)
  • Sydney Big Day Out Demo



  • X-Games AM Vert(9th)